falling over the way earth seems to form
beneath feet as the day peaks over
a tiny hill, to fear all of this
i am only disheartened, i am scared

i walk along the gently winding path
and i find myself more than once in
waters reflection, the seasons firsts

how much thought, i wonder, was put into
the simple placement of benches
did it make them sad to have to create
this place, nestled in the concrete

it is all so constructed, in my head and
i sometimes wish it felt more real but
i can't help but notice that i still feel
sunlight, and spring, in the quiet morning

i'd marvelled before at how anyone could live
in such a crowded place as a city. now i find
myself wondering at the number of humans, the
different lives colliding barely. i've
seen hundreds of people and i've not talked to
any of them, i've brushed coat sleeves with
many and it is so much easier to feel alone,
when surrounded by random human life.. it is
also much easier to kill that feeling, here.

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