if i were to say
that i could hold your thoughts
just for a time
so that you might not lose them
in the mess that is your life
would you let me?

i peer through the spaces
between the leaves
and i smile because it reminds me
of you, and the way that your existence
seems to fill the little missing pieces
they appear so much smaller now..

i don't have to peer so far into the future
i can take these little steps, tiny advances
and not worry where i'll find
my next smile, comfort, tears 
(the sweet sort that fall from dreamy eyes)
softly speak, perfect, beautiful complexity
(i hear a serene evening's end in your words)

this dusk is laden with the remains of that night 
near paroxysmal emotion where upon i tumbled from
the cloud i'd been floating, resting upon
you watched me fall, not trying to stop me.. but i saw you waiting
as i fell, i thought even the presence of my legs to be pointless
you helped me stand and believe.. 

could you, would you be 
the dulcinea in my dream filled thoughts?	

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