Some people will enter your life and then leave it again as fleetingly as a fall breeze. Some people will be with you for a season, whether you like it or not, and some will never leave. Certain members of your existence slightly resemble the last-minute shoppers in the mall at closing time Christmas Eve - they will never leave.

Have you ever met that one person who can take you flying as high as a cloud but also drag you through the deepest muddy pit? I've met mine.

Hard as I try, I can never figure her out. I'm in love with her, but I wish I could be more of an acquaintance. The word complexity doesn't even begin to describe her. What is it exactly that causes her to say that she loves and misses me one minute and then be so incredibly frustrated with my presence the next? How can the person I love most in my life be able to backhand me across my face, leaving knuckle-shaped bruises on my cheek?

Probably the same reason she can let someone fall madly in love with her and then leave them at the drop of a hat, all the while making them feel more inadequate than they ever have before.

She can be in the middle of an emotional breakdown and still be the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Even in her madness there is an organized chaos, a strange calmness amidst the destruction. Yet every time she continues to shock and amaze me with her ability to pick up the pieces and glue them back together, projecting the image that her life is perfect. Because naturally, how could she ever be anything less than perfect?

No, no... you'll never see the madness gleam from her eyes like I have. If she had her way, everyone would go on admiring her successes, envying her glorious life, and she would continue to bask in the warmth of adoration. No, no... you'll never see her bad side. For your sake, I hope you never see her bad side.

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