For every little bit of love it’s worth it
for every smile, even if only once in awhile
I wake up every day in a wide world
but it’s a thousand tiny amazing human moments that bring it home
they happen all year round
in the springtime I notice them when I dance alone in a bright green field
scilence is a smile
and in the summer I sleep late and wake up to the jokes of my family
my sister is a smile
my dog, talkin’ awhile
outside my front door
it happens everywhere, even where I’ve never seen before

In San Diego on the coast
it’s both love and sadness the most
people either have it all or none at all,
this is where they come together
I met two men who owned not more than 12 strings between them
and between their melodies, sunsets and side walks,
I saw their shimmering humanity
it warmed me like all my possessions never did
and since then I’ve noticed it everyday

beauty is like a breeze, I only feel it when I stop moving

it’s tickling my face, it’s a smile
if I filled a jar with this beauty breeze
it would tickle no more even when opened
beauty and joy aren’t meant for jars or shelves
they’re best left in sunrises and shared with friends
not kept alone

when I watch a child
I notice they are not concerned with creating memories
and in that way they make the best ones

afternoons waiting for night,
and winter waiting for summer
are both only half-living
without the fog of night, there would be no dew come sunrise
for every bit of love it’s worth it
every time things giggle
every time beauty breeze
it’s all worth it, it’s a smile

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