Let's see...
Nodeshell rescue,
Content Rescue,
Softlink Rescue.
Imagine one day coming across a brilliant new writeup. It's factually interesting, funny, insightful... whatever floats your boat. There is one flaw; it doesn't have any softlinks. Obviously the writer either hasn't read The Perfect Node, or doesn't want to impress. As this is a new writeup it doesn't even yet boast any muddy footprints marking the passage of sleepless noders' seemingly aimless reading and searching, reading and searching.

The benevolent softlinker, on seeing this helpless node, rescues it by adding an abundance of meaningful softlinks. The original noder, thoughtless enough to have overlooked such an important part of noding as the adding of softlinks, should be very grateful to the anonymous softlinker who is improving the offending node without praise or reward. To rescue a floundering newbie's linkless writeup with great softlinks is a true Softlink Rescue.

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