your pupils dilate,
your palms sweat,
your chest thumps,
your mouth is dry,
and you feel light headed...

Today, I am either ill, or in love...

being in love does not just affect the two whom are primarily involved. i have put two people together, who are now both in ecstacy mode, and it makes me happy too. of course, i'm also getting kind of depressed since the one i love is currently not telling me anything. you get to the point of being in love from the point of loving someone, via their showing of love for you. i wish she would. i lean my head on her shoulder, and ask if it's ok, since she still doesn't tell me anything. she says "yeah, it's ok, i don't care." how can she be so kind and so very cruel at the same time?

on a quasirelated subject, have you ever had the sensation of being hugged by someone with cold hands but a warm body? when they caress your neck... oooh! nothing like it.

the best sensation i have had in my life so far (i am a virgin) was when the aforementioned girl relaxed for me. it was at the school dance. see rescdskfoo's first kiss. she had no tension in her--she was not afraid, she was not self-conscious, she was happy. so was i.

Why is love something that one is supposedly "in"? As if we could turn around and walk back out again, close the door behind us and be no worse for it. Love is something I _am_. Every particle in what, for lack of a better definition, is described as my physical body exists simultaniously on a discreet spiritual plain which is the domain of emotion.

Love is not a room. It's not a country.

To those who say they've never been in love, stop thinking of yourselves as tourists and get permanent resident status.

Personally, I think TheLady overdramatizes the etymology of this phrase. As has been pointed out in other nodes, there's a difference in meaning between "love" and being "in love".

"Love" is comparatively easy. I love my parents, I love my siblings, I love my friends, I love my fellow man, I love the planet. Love, whether used to mean the emotion or the action, is something that can be shared with anybody.

Being "in love", however, always means the romantic sense of love. It's not necessarily exclusive or permanent, at least not in this day and age. But it does imply a depth of feeling, concern, and willful sacrifice.

Compare to the Greek words for love.

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