The act resulting in a heightened feeling of ecstasy, involving having sex with someone you are in love with. Making love is one of the most beautiful experiences that a human being can partake in. See also make love and the difference between fucking and making love.

Making love can result in all sorts of warm fuzzy and tingly feelings.

Occasionally, the term is used to include activites other than sex, but which the couple feels achieve the same level of emotional itensity and intimacy.

Historically, to make love to someone was to pay court to them, or perhaps to seduce them. If you encounter the phrase in the works of Anthony Trollope or Jane Austen, it has this connotation. An interesting transition is found in Dorothy L Sayers' the Five Red Herrings. Hugh Farren declares that he came home and found Campbell 'making love' to his (Farren's) wife. While Farren definitely suspects Campbell of the modern meaning, he certainly did not discover them in flagrante delicto.

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