1 - to court, woo or seduce, with any subsequent sex act at most vaguely implied. 2 - To have sex with someone of whom you are very fond as a person - implying some emotional content to the act.

To engage in a duet improvisation with multiple powerful layers of meaning: social, esthetic, emotional, biological...
Most often involves people of opposite gender, but there are those who would not limit love making so.
The physical details are more or less intuitively obvious...

The ultimate expression of human fondness, or a really good way to sell products. Either way, media images of it bombard us constantly. According to the generalized societal notion, I, as a geek, will never partake in this act unless I repent of my geeky ways. This sort of realization makes me cry, and doubles my resolve to let everyone in the world know of my awesomeness.

make love has always been a popular unix joke. Well, sometimes I put a "love" target in my Makefile for the hell of it. It goes a little something like this:

$ make love
real funny, wise guy. :P


$ make love
what, on the first date?
Make love. Just doesn't sound right to me. I see the make part and it kinds of throws me off.

Today we will be making love, first off you'll need the following ingredients.

A partner to be in love with

Something in common


roses, not sure on this part but they pop up in most movies.

See what I mean, maybe its just because i've never made love but who has really. We're all just a bunch of fornicators. Fornicating around the town fornicking whatever we happen to think is fornicatable. :)

What would the jesus we've all been waiting for think if all we ever did was make love. Would he/she agree or disagree with our behaviour, making something which should be found and/or nurtured.:)

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