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Sui doesn't frequent E2 that much any more. he started daylogging, and enjoys that more.

Unto my Secret Santa

Being the kinda kind hearted and generous person I am, did I mention humble also? Please let me help you out somewhat.

After reading a number of very kewl homenodes i thoguht long and hard about this. Please if you're outside Oz - send me some kewl touristy junk from your local area. that would be kewl. Also i like Sci-fi. i own a whole truckload of heinlen so cheap crappy shlock is the go if you'd like to give me books. aside from that lollies! huzzah! you can never get enough weird ass sugar i say! ;]

below is my previoous ideas - i am still keen to get the camera for a mini rover.. but i TRUELY understand the $$$ issue involved.

I am guy. I am late 20's. I am straight = PORN

Failing that anything toyish is kewl. or books! yeah i love books, ooh oh and Lollies! YEAH! ;) anniwanna TRAINSET! - kewwwl.. and pretty much everything on Thinkgeek - although i already bought myself the Minirover - but the camera would be TRES CA-HULE! heh heh heh what ever it is - THANKS! ;)

Sui is a 31 year old, father of 1 daughter, now aged 8. He lives in Melbourne Australia, and works there also. He is constantly up to something oddish.

His current hobby is:

beekeeping - revisited


He was previously into:



university Studies as a lab rat
November 29, 2002
neuropsychopharmacology and me

cheeseyE2 Homenode fads
See Below




Sui fondly remembers the day Wertperch showed him howto use the ¦ command. He found that very exciting.

Below is a list off all the 'fads' that u see on home nodes. I have yet to add an ansi graphic, and promise never to update these fad blocks ;)

Decline XP
(ticked)Decline XP from voting contribution (E2 Options: Declining vote XP)

I practice XP stoicism by declining XP gained from voting. i have had it turned off ever since i realised i could - about lvl 2. This is why i languish in in the user list. IMHO it's little more than cheating to accept it.

Version: 0.1.2
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So far what he has contributed that he feel are funny and requires further advertising:

Contact Info:

Victoria, Australia, 3001

(m) 0429 178 560

best message i have ever recieved:

(r) 2002.10.30@02:12 Xenex says re Skylarking: sui sui sui! Upvote ahoy!

 |                  @                                            
 |                                                          O    
 |                                 @                         @   
 |                                                       O   OO  
 |                   O                                    OO     
 |                                                        O  O   
 |  @      O                                             OOO     
 |           O        O                                          
 |                   @  O           O                    OO  OO  
 |  @          @      O@                                         
 | @                   @           @O        @@             O    
 |                  @@@O                  @O@@OO      @O   O     
 |   O     @O OO    OOO@O               @OOOO@@@OO       @@O O   
 |              O O @@O@OO          O   OOOOOOOOOOO     @OOOO@   
 | @O      O          OOOOO         O   OO@OOOOOOOO       OOOO   
 | OOOO   OO   O      OO            O   O  O OOO      O      O @ 
0+-----------------------------O--O---O-O--O--------------O---O--> now

now that i C!ing power (hoo-bloody-ray) i have done: Achromatic x 2, Betsy, karma_debt, Sasha Gabba Hey! , GfxNinja, bob the prophet

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November 1, 2002 1
October 2, 2001 (tied) 2
July 16, 2001 (tied) 2
September 26, 2001 4
September 18, 2001 (tied) 5
June 26, 2001 (tied) 5

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1 Try not being obscure just for the sake of it
2 (tied) Milfoil
2 (tied) Long Fritters
4 (tied) Mezereon
4 (tied) cornflower
4 (tied) Corydalis
4 (tied) robotechnology
4 (tied) Stuperpowers
4 (tied) Battle of Barnet 1C!
4 (tied) Almond Pastries

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1C! Eureka stockade (tied) 1
Eureka flag (tied) 1
North is up (tied) 1
1C! Battle of St. Albans (tied) 1
1C! Bosun's Whistle (tied) 1
Rum Rebellion (tied) 1
1C! Bathurst 1000 (tied) 1
1C! Lady Caroline Lamb (tied) 1
1C! Australian Intervention Order (tied) 1
1C! The War of the Roses (tied) 1
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candle making (tied) 1
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Cyclamen (tied) 1
Loosestrife (tied) 1
1C! Battle of Barnet (tied) 1
Almond Pastries (tied) 1
cornflower (tied) 1
Mezereon (tied) 1
Corydalis (tied) 1
Long Fritters (tied) 1
Milfoil (tied) 1

5 Lowest Goodness Writeups
1 (tied) February 4, 2002
1 (tied) Last one in is a rotten egg!
1 (tied) Try not being obscure just for the sake of it
4 July 16, 2001
5 It started like this

5 Most Reputable Writeups
4C! beekeeping 1
3C! Sarcasm in the Middle Ages 2
December 2, 2002 (tied) 3
1C! December 3, 2002 (tied) 3
November 26, 2002 5

5 Least Reputable Writeups
1 (tied) February 4, 2002
1 (tied) Last one in is a rotten egg!
1 (tied) Try not being obscure just for the sake of it
4 (tied) It started like this
4 (tied) March 9, 2002
4 (tied) Stuperpowers
4 (tied) robotechnology

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