A student, or Alumni of the University of Virginia

American submarine designated SS238. The boat sailed during the second world war, under the command of Lt. Commander Marvin G. Kennedy and after 2 war patrols, Lt Commander Dudley "Mush" Morton took over as skipper.

Wahoo sank over 20 enemy ships, totalling over 60,000 tons in seven patrols spanning one year.

Wahoo was sunk in 1943 in the Sea of Japan by Japanese anti-submarine forces.

A relative to the tuna, the wahoo, or acanthocybium solandri, is sometimes called the pacific kingfish. It is commonly found in the open Pacific Ocean, but can also be spotted in coral regions. It generally ways 15 to 20 lbs, and is considered by many to be a delicacy.

Although the official mascot of the University of Virginia is the cavalier, the wahoo has long been considered their unofficial mascot due to the fact that this fish is known to drink twice its weight daily.

Euonymus atropurpureus

Also known as arrow-wood, bitter ash, burning bush, indian arrow and spindle tree. Wahoo is a deciduous shrub found in some areas of North America. It grows up to 25 feet high, and has smooth branches. The leaves are elliptic and pointed, and have fine hairs underneath. Cymes of 7 or more purple flowers bloom on the bush during June. The fruit of the plant is scarlet in colour, and is a four-lobed capsule containing brown seeds.

The bark of the wahoo plant is cardiac, diuretic, expectorant, laxative and tonic. It was commonly used in the 19th century as a diuretic drug. Chest and lung congestion, indigestion and fever have all been treated with this plant, and it was once popular as a cardiac drug due to it's digitalis-like effect on the heart. The leaves and fruit of wahoo have been known to cause symptoms of poison such as nausea, cold sweat and prostration.

Wa*hoo" (?), n.

Any of various American trees or shrubs; specif.:


A certain shrub (Evonymus atropurpureus) having purple capsules which in dehiscence expose the scarlet-ariled seeds; -- called also burning bush.


Cascara buckthorn.




© Webster 1913

Wa*hoo", n.

A dark blue scombroid food fish (Acanthocibium solandri or petus) of Florida and the West Indies.


© Webster 1913

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