Mothers have a number of 6th senses.

One of them is the ability to know exactly the moment you wish to not be distracted.

The best bit of a movie you are watching
You have settled into the couch. Your partner has decided you have dug enough in the yard (or moved a enough bookcases inside) and 'allowed' you TV time. You have prepared a bowl of your favorite snack foodstuff (popcorn, nachos, jam and scones) and have a towering beverage (glass of ice water, mug of tea, bottle of coke, beer). The surround sound system has been adjusted perfectly to your preference (loud). At the crucial gun shooting, actiony moment, "RING RING", "RING RING" ...

having sex
Tension has been mounting all day. The meal was sublime. The company brilliant. In the bedroom, the temperature is steamy, the atmosphere electric. Nudity. Flesh. Arousal extremus. "RING RING", "RING RING" ...

middle of heated arguements
"you never put the seat down",
"you never wipe the sink",
"you don't let me have fun with my friends",
"you're friends suck"

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