(1) This is the portion of your meal, that you have been eyeing off the entire time. Often you have saved it till the last bite. You look forward to chewing it. savouring the taste, and swallowing. Invariably it is the bite your partner takes when he/she says "I just want a _little_ bite" which tends to make you grumpy. You will let said partner get away with this as you love them.

(2) This is a section of a movie that you have been waiting the entire film for. You have often sat waiting out entire love scenes, just to see it. Invariably it is the moment your mother calls on the phone, "Just to let you know, I found an old baby photo of yours!" - thanks Mum.

(3) The rift in a song that you find yourself humming for 3 days, but have no idea the words to. You wait eagerly listening to the radio, just for the key change in a song, the start of the song, or the vocal. Invariably this is when your mobile phone rings, another car runs into the back of you, or the radio loses signal.

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