Along the Great Ocean road, in south west Victoria, Australia. Near Princetown are places like Gibsons Steps and Loch Ard Gorge. These pieces of coast are small havens in the cliffs, against the raging southern ocean.

Loch Ard Gorge was the scene of a maritime tradedy when the smart iron clipper Loch Ard smashed against Muttonbird Island early on June 1, 1878. Fifty-two people died, swept out into the ocean or trapped onboard when the vessel sank. Only two survived, Tom Pearce, cabin boy, and Eva Carmichael, the teenage daughter of a doctor.

And as much as it pains me:

Under the waves and far away
Ballast stones mark the Loch Ard's grave
Steel bones and broken deck
Are all that remain of the long lost wreck
Four score years there she lay
Under the waves and far away

No one was certain where the ship went down
Smashed near the gorge all but two were drowned
They said her metal mast struck flinty sparks
As it clipped the cliffs in the misty dark
Said she sank from the sight through the spune and spray
Under tyhe waves and far away

Roy Wilson, Peter Allan and George batterby
Joined the expedition led by Stan McPhee
And on the fifth day of the second month
In nineteen sixty-seven Stan played his hunch
"We head for Muttonbird Island to search today"
Under thw waves and far away

Planning underwater 'cross a cheuered grid
Eyes upon the bottom the searchers slid
Daylight and air were both running out
When those upon the boat heard McPhee shout
"I've found her" - yes found, but there she'll stay
Under the waves and far away
Under the waves and far away

- Ross Wilson (for his father)

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