WHAT: A gathering for Melbournite (and other!) Everythingians, in the pleasant surrounds of Melbourne, Australia during mid year

WHEN: Sat 29th June AND Sat 27 July (2002), Noon - Due to Melbournite insistance, we are having 2 ! both dates apply

WHERE: We will meet under the clocks at Flinders St Station at noon - Then decide what/where to go/do... I suggest one of our lovely parks that we are all so proud of. The Botanical gardens, Flinders gardens.. etc OR should we just flop at a pub - the Elephant and Wheel Barrow? But I think the best bet would be somewhere in the city, it is easiest for all to get to - Souvlakis anyone ?

WHO: Anyone! Everyone! Those specifically being invited are those in The Everything People Registry : Australia

Noders Who Have Expressed Interest So far:

Noders who are IN:

I have had a number of emails asking - 'can i bring a friend?' - YES ! - by all means, this isn't a noder only meet, please bring friends, family, pets, cameras, laptops, alien parasites, this guy i just met on the train ... YES !

Please feel free to email me: sui@will.net.au or /msg sui to help organise, arrange, or suggest something. My other contact details are in my home node I have had my mobile phone problem fix btw... :)

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