Date: 26th July, 1469

Time: early morning

Location: Edgecote Moor, NW of London

Factions: Warwick vs York Victor: Warwick

Injuries/fatalities of interest: Warwick


Total slain: 2,000 (all Yorkists)

Interesting bit: Very little is known or recorded of the Battle of Edgecote Moor. It was fought after King Edward's brother (George, Duke of Clarence) and cousin (Richrd Neville, Earl of Warwick) had decided to form a rebellion against him. While the King did not take part in the battle, he was intercepted by Archbishop George Neville (Richard's brother) and taken into the custody of Warwick the Kingmaker. This manoeuvre was claimed by the rebels to be for the King's 'protection'. Ironically, this was a tactic used by Edward's father on more than one occasion when the former Duke of York sought to overthrow Henry VI, then King of England.

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