Date: 12th March, 1470

Location: near Stamford, north of London

Factions: Warwick Vs York Victor: York

Injuries/fatalities of interest: For Warwick -

  • Richard Warren (captured, executed)
  • Sir Robert Welles (captured, executed)
  • Sir Thomas de la Lande (captured, executed)

Interesting bit:The movements of this battle are unrecorded. It is known that King Edward IV ordered the execution of Lord Welles and Sir Thomas Dymmock in front of the assembled armies, and this action signalled the beginning of the fighting. Men wearing the livery of the traitorous Warwick and Clarence stormed the field to engage the opposition. However, the men of Edward's army were far more experienced than the rebels and the battle quickly became little more than a rout. As the defeated army fled the field, many of the men shed their Warwick and Clarence livery, not wishing to be captured wearing the King's enemies' colours. This is how the battle earned the name 'Losecote Field'.

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