Date: 25th April, 1464

Location: Hedegeley Moor, near Scottish border, 9 miles NW of Alnwick

Factions: York vs Lancaster

Victor: York

Troops/inventory: York - 5,000 - 6,000 men-at-arms
Lancaster - 5,000 men-at-arms

Injuries/fatalities of interest: York: none;
  • Sir Ralph Percy (slain)

Interesting bit: Everyone knows that it is poignant as well as clever to utter some famous last words when facing death. It is normally a good idea if a witness to your death knows what those words mean. As Sir Ralph Percy received his final death blow on the battlefield at Hedgeley Moor, he yelled out "I have saved the bird in my bosom." Speculators have assumed that it was a reference to Percy's loyalty to the Lancastrian cause, but as such, the meaning of the phrase is unknown. Percy is also said to have made a final bid for freedom and leapt an impressive 12 yards after being struck. For someone who was mortally wounded and dressed in full armour, this is quite a feat. The site of Percy's leap is now marked by two boulders.

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