So I moved house on the weekend just past. After almost two years living in a pretty slummy part of town, we've moved up the hill to yuppie heaven hehe. Well, maybe not, but I have been amusing myself with that little fantasy, walking around our new digs as if I was Ricardo Montalban. The new place rocks hard. It was built by an award-winning kitchen designer, so the kitchen is absolutely to die for. And anyone who know's my dirty little habits at home will understand what a happy little Vegemite that makes me.

My new kitchen is a splendid vision in cobalt blue and honeyed timber. The range is a gas Smeg with a wok burner. Oven is electric fan-forced, sink is deep and wide and double, pantries (yep, I now have two pantries) are huge and exceedingly ergonomic, with little halogen downlights that click on when the doors open. Workspaces are deep and well surfaced. What else to say, but this is the kitchen (almost) of my dreams. I'm just so inspired to cook my best in this kitchen, which makes Gemma pretty happy all round!

The rest of the house is nice, not too big, with two bedrooms (we like guests), and another room for the office. The bathroom is almost as distinctive as the kitchen, but all sharp angles and geometrics. The garden is okay, but without a nice lawn, which being spring in the Southern Hemisphere, should be easy to rectify.

The move itself was fine, if tiring. I've spent the past fortnight packing boxes, so by the time the removalists arrived on Saturday morning, we were pretty well prepared.

In other news, Sneff came to Canberra to visit on the weekend (ack! terrible timing!) and we only had time to catch up for a coffee and a cake in Kingston. I'm looking forward to having some sushi with him and Dr Evil in Sydney on Friday night..

Now, what to cook for dinner tonight!