and maybe
i'm gonna write some kind of letter
cause i wasn't feeling good--now i'm better
do you hear me?

and someday
these posters won't be pasted to the ceiling
i'm gonna have that special kind of feeling
do you get me?

it's Tuesday
and the ice is leaving puddles on the sidewalk
and the TV is just starting with it's talk-talk
(but i'm leaving)

to see you
with all your lovely kinds of chit-chat
all your silly games (god, i miss that)
so i'll hurry

and maybe
i'll get something for you at a truckstop
something really cheap 'cause you love that
--something touching--

it's crazy
the newspaper got pasted to the ceiling
the headlines went and lost all their meaning
can't stop smiling

'cause the truth is
the feelings never stick to the reasons
when the sun is shining out of its season
and i lose it

so i'm waiting
to catch up to the smile in the mirror
until everything is just a bit clearer
it's not working...

('cause) it's springtime
and the dogs are out walking my neighbors
the kids are out asking me favors
i should just give in

i gave in
and let all these feelings confuse me
coincidence has lost all its timing
do you get me?

(i ain't minding)

...come and get me...

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