Church/school carnival. Katie P's mother is the dunk tank person. I dunk her twice for no other reason than she is Katie Pfeffer's mother. The proceeds from the tickets go to charity, but my intentions are not even slightly charitable.

Five minutes later, Katie finds me in the crowd, shrieks my name, winds her cotton-candy-sticky arms between and around my legs. Decides it is a good time to climb me like a palm tree. I decide it is not. I claw her off and tell her to quit it, jerk. She cries.

It wasn't really me that made her cry; she was tired and strung out on sugar anyway - something else would have set her off. Still, Katie P. crying on a weekend, me off the clock, has to be worth a little extra.

Also I encourage Robin, a Good Kid, to steal a bag of popcorn. I make it really easy - first I steal her a "carnival volunteer" name badge, slap it on her, and offer to distract the sweet doddering old lady scooping popcorn with shaky hands. Robin declines. Damn.

Evil Rating: 3 of 10. I can do better.

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