I had a very obnoxious moron come in here this evening. She is one of those people who could very simply and accurately be described as "Stupid and Ugly". I am not making this up and I am above childish shit-slinging (HA), but this woman was some sort of evil godess of self indulgent, masturbatory idiocy.

After asking a bunch of really dumb questions and getting really frustrated because, well, she was too stupid to understand what the hell was going on, she wandered over to the hallway door that leads to the bathrooms. She turned around and said something about needing a water fountain. I told her that there was no water fountain out in the hall, and I was about to offer her a glass of cold water from the dispenser on the pop machine behind the counter when she interrupted rudely rolled her eyes at me in an oh-so tolerant way and explained to me, the village idiot, "well duh, bathrooms, sinks, water... 'water fountain' hello?". This Oscar winning display was of course followed by another classy valley-girl eye roll. I let her storm off into the hall and then I closed the door behind her (which automatically locks). I also neglected to remember that, oops, the bathrooms require a key.

Silly me!

I wandered back over to my little stool and sat there with the music turned up, pretending not to hear the faint, almost inaudible banging on the hallway door.

I love my job.

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