Some background:
I am descended from a long, long line of ultra-conservative super-Christian Texans. I was raised in a Christian family, going to church every Sunday, even spending my first few years of school at a private Christian school. So, of course, there's a great big rift between me and everyone else in the family now that I've decided not to believe in God. And if forsaking my creator wasn't enough, then developing my own independent political beliefs was certainly the breaking point.

I also run a small science and technology news and discussion website where we occasionally talk about political things (The site's like Slashdot, only without the hitcount and the penis birds). Recently, several of my uncles have been frequenting the site and starting massive flamewars in which they call everyone "stupid liberals" and everyone calls them "stupid conservatives" and...well, you get the idea.

The Point:
Today, someone posted an article about the recent California court decision that the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance were unconstitutional. It goes without saying that this sparked a tremendous debate.

After well over 100 comments had been posted, many of which were arguments between my uncle and me, I hit the breaking point. I just couldn't stand his conservatism anymore. I couldn't deal with one more comment claiming that "this nation was founded under God" or "our forefathers were all devout Christians". So I did something very, very, very bad. I completely and totally abused my power in a way that was utterly, utterly immature.

I added a line of code that would single out my uncle based on his user account and redirect him (and only him) to that dreaded URL:

No more than five minutes later, he had completely disowned me and said he would never ever speak to me again.

Evil rating: 15 on a scale of 10. Really, really fucking evil. And bonus points for alienating myself from much of the family and getting messages from my mom saying things like "Your uncle says you showed him a naughty picture."

Some of you have expressed concern that perhaps this is a fictional account and didn't actually happen. I assure you, this is true, and I am very much in the deep end of the shit pool.

Also, it appears Mom objects to her portrayal in this tale. I should point out that she was in no way the badguy. In fact, she kicks ass.

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