Jay Cole and his son, Jay Cole, Jr. are popular television personalities in Fayetteville, AR. These two are preachers, and they buy up 30-second commercial spots on the local teevee stations in order to preach the Word to the general population. What they don't get is that it's impossible to get a point as big as Christianity across in only 30 seconds, so they both end up sounding like idiots. Even though I am a Christian, I find these guys hard to tolerate.

They take the basic Baptist preacher format for their 30-second sermons. This entails a greeting, three points, and a conclusion. The greeting is usually something like, "Our kids are seeing horrible things in the news these days." The three points are usually unrelated, which makes this duo even more incoherent. The conclusion is always, "I'm Jay Cole" or "I'm Jay Cole, Jr." depending on which one it is. I would prefer something more like Wesley Willis's "Rock on Phoenix! Rock on Chicago! Pepsi, the choice of a new generation!"

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