This is the catch phrase used during pledge drives of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. They tell people that no matter how poor they may be or how stupid it might be to just throw away $1000, they should just step out in faith and send the money in to the nice folks at TBN so they can run more television shows like Benny Hinn: Prayer Warrior. Even though I am a Christian I do not send money to these people. I wish they'd get off the air and stop giving my faith a bad name. Bunch of dolts. "Oh, no, God doesn't want you to be sensible with your money, he wants you to send it to us even if you're in debt! You just gotta have faith that God's gonna bless you!" God's gonna bless you for being stupid with money he gave you? Yeah, right.

See also: Jerry Falwell, Jay Cole, Alf, sucker rod

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