Character from Episode 1F07 of The Simpsons, entitled The Last Temptation of Homer. A patron of Moe's Tavern, he was last seen crying and running out of the bar. In the episode, which features Michelle Pfieffer as Mindy, the nuclear plant worker who tempts Homer to cheat, Homer is lamenting over his ordeal at Moe's...

Homer: "Moe, I need your advice."
Moe: "Yeah?"
Homer: "See, I got this friend named... Joey Jo-Jo... Junior... Shabadoo?"
Moe: "That's the worst name I ever heard."

Suddenly, a man in the back bursts out crying and bolts out the door of Moe's. Barney rushes to the door, shouting "Hey, Joey Jo-Jo!" His ruse foiled, Homer confesses...

"Oh, what the hell, it's me!"

This episode, which also features Barney singing the theme song from I Dream Of Jeannie in a bikini and Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes as Homer's conscience, is Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo's only appearance on The Simpsons.

Audio clip located for a limited time at

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