My mother had a gynecologist named Dr. Hole. He had NO sense of humor about it AT ALL. It is not advisable to embarrass a gynecologist prior to an exam. Wait until the end.

I once handled a phone customer who went by the name of 'Mr. Phuc'.

Also, Jamshed Mobed. I was enthralled by the idea of a jam shed and could not concentrate on much else.

So sorry Mr. Jamshed. Hope I did not mess up your account. I think of you often.

I had another customer whose first name was 'Chrispafer' as indicated on his driver’s license.

I knew a Gwendollyn who married a McGonagoogle and became Gwendollyn McGonagoogle-Steffen.

I used to keep a list of funny names, usually banking customers. A good one was Barry Sinrod, which sounds like a porn star. And Ed Outlaw, which sounds like a gun totin' advice columnist.

My supervisor once told me that she had been dating a man for a few months but he would not tell her his last name (always a bad sign). Finally she pried it out of him and discovered that his parents had saddled him with "Harry Bushwacker".