Arnold George Dorsey was born and raised with 10 brothers and sisters in Leicester, England. In 1965, after surviving a year-long bout with tuberculosis, his manager, Gordon Mills, suggested that he change his name. Can you just imagine that conversation?

Mills: "Georgie, we've got to have more oomph; a name that'll grab 'em by the balls!"

Dorsey: "Well, I guess I could consider a new name. What do you have in mind?"

Mills: "I've thought about this long and hard, Georgie, and I think we need to go with Englebert Humperdinck."

Dorsey(in wide-eyed, open-mouthed amazement): "What did you just say?"

Mills: "You heard me, ol' chap. Englebert Humperdinck."

Dorsey: "I think you've lost your bleedin' mind, Gordy."

Mills: "Listen, Georgie: Think about it. 'Hump' 'her' 'dink.' Get it? The chicks will get all moist when they hear it."

His 1967 hit, "Release Me," broke records and set the stage for his long lasting recording career. He now claims to have the largest fan club in the world with over eight million members. He's won the Golden Globe's "Entertainer of the Year," and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

His career began in the 60s where his vocal range of 3 1/2 octaves catapulted him to fame alongside rival Tom Jones. He has since sold 130 million albums worldwide, with 64 gold and 23 platinum records to date.

Recently Humperdinck graced the soundtrack of Beavis and Butt-head Do America with the touching ballad Lesbian Seagull.

Humperdinck resides in Jayne Mansfield's former estate in Beverly Hills, and also roams the casinos of Las Vegas. One assumes he doesn't perform his hit Stardust while at The Tropicana.

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T R U E • H U M P E R D I N C K • F A C T O I D S

Engelbert's name is taken from the Austrian composer of Hansel and Gretel, born in the Year of Our Lord 1854.

Engelbert has sold over 130 million records.

Jimi Hendrix once opened a concert for Engelbert.

Engelbert's friends have the honour to call him "Hump."

Engelbert's first stage name was "Gerry Dorsey" as his first act was to impersonate the comedian Jerry Lewis.

Engelbert's biggest hits were Release Me and Quando Quando Quando.

Engelbert has received four Grammy award nominations and a Golden Globe award (in 1988) as "Entertainer of the Year".

Engelbert's first instrument was the saxophone, taken up at the age of eleven.

Engelbert has had tuberculosis.

Engelbert preceded Elvis in the wearing of leather jumpsuits and sideburns. Elvis got this idea from Engelbert. They were great friends right up to Elvis' ascension.

True Facts inspired by the Glorious

Engelbert Humperdinck, Composer. 1854 - 1921

The orginal Engelbert Humperdinck was born in Siegburg, near the City of Bonn, and studied music at Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin. He is best-known as the composer of the children's fairy tale opera Hansel and Gretel, but few of his other works are known. Hardly a prolific composer, he wrote other operas including Die Königskinder (The King's Children) and The Miracle. Other pieces include Around The World In 80 Minutes and German Romantic Overtures.

He taught music and composition in Berlin, and tutored Siegfried Wagner (Wagner's son) as well as working with Max Reinhardt to provide music for a variety of Shakespearean productions. Obviously, in the world of fame, precedence is not a factor. More people have heard of the singer than the songwriter.

A photo of the gent shows that he looks like Robert Llewelyn (who played Kryten in the TV series Red Dwarf), only with a severe-looking handlebar moustache. Clearly, this guy never had women throwing their knickers at him. Shame, we might see more of him on the telly today.

He died on 26th September, 1921 as a result of a heart attack.

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