This word is very odd. Its use in erotica has led to a strong connotation with sex when in all actuality it just means wet. Try it some time. When you walk in from the rain walk up to the first person you see and pronounce in a loud voice: "I am moist."

Regardless of your gender I guarantee that you will get a strong reaction. Usually a laugh from your friends or fear and shock from strangers will result. Somehow an announcement of: "I am wet" just isn't the same, even though they are for all extents and purposes synonomous.

Moist, a Canadian band from the Vancouver area. Their popularity has never been too entirely stable, and they really aren't very well known even in Canada, but they are basically unheard of in the United States.

They've only released three albums, including their self issued which was re-released by Chrysalis when they signed on in 1994.

Moist is... They are essentially a rock/alternative band, sometimes soothing and calm, other times very heavy, especially where lyrical content is concerned. Despite limited exposure for the most part, especially in international markets, they've done quite well for themselves.

Moist releases... I am unfamiliar with most of their work, aside from Creature, which was very popular in Ontario when it was released. There is a nice mix of crazy hard spazz and soft melodic piano pieces, the lyrics are quite potent, as well. They were, at least for a time, one of the groups to be into (when I was in high school, that is), along with Our Lady Peace, and Matthew Good Band. They are worth listening to, if only for Leave It Alone, Gasoline, and Resurrection (all from Creature).

Moist (?), a. [OE. moiste, OF. moiste, F. moite, fr. L. muccidus, for mucidus, moldy, musty. Cf. Mucus, Mucid.]


Moderately wet; damp; humid; not dry; as, a moist atmosphere or air.

"Moist eyes."



Fresh, or new.

[Obs.] "Shoes full moist and new." "A draught of moist and corny ale."



© Webster 1913.

Moist, v. t.

To moisten.




© Webster 1913.

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