Psychedelic/Goa trance producers Amit Duvdevani and Erez Aizen both operate together out of Israel under the name Infected Mushroom.
Their style is unique and untouched, originating from Erez' life-long study of classical music and Duvdev's drug-induced visions for psychedelic, stomping rhythms. Listening to any of their tracks may require a straight-jacket and padded walls. For those who are curious, imagine if Mozart and some outlandish thrash metal band from the early 90's got together to eat acid and make techno.

Infected Discography as of July 2001:

The Gathering (1999)

  1. 08'28" Release Me 142 bpm
  2. 07'43" The Gathering 142 bpm
  3. 08'13" Return Of The Shadows 143 bpm
  4. 08'08" Blue Muppet 145 bpm
  5. 08'38" Psycho 145 bpm
  6. 08'20" Montoya (Rmx) 146 bpm
  7. 07'29" Tommy The Bat 147 bpm
  8. 08'24" Virtual Voyage 148 bpm
  9. 08'35" Over Mode 150 bpm

These dark, chaotic melodies and intelligently composed rhythms have become instant classics. I remember when I first saw them perform live in Los Angeles to promote this album. I had known nothing about them except for hearing a few songs at a friends house. They were playing tune "Return of the Shadows" and never in my life did see so many people on a dancefloor going absolutely insane over a song. If you pay attention you'll notice that the album gets faster and faster as it moves towards the explosive end; note the bpms I listed above.

Classical Mushroom (2000)

  1. 08'21" Bust A Move 145 bpm
  2. 06'22" None Of This Is Real 146 bpm
  3. 08'18" Sailing In The Sea Of Mushroom 146.5 bpm
  4. 08'33" The Shen 147 bpm
  5. 08'46" Disco Mushroom 136 bpm
  6. 08'00" Dracul 145 bpm
  7. 07'26" Nothing Comes Easy 145 bpm
  8. 07'36" Mush Mushi 145 bpm
  9. 10'26" The Missed Symphony 146 bpm

Holy shit! When I think about what music will be like in 20 years this is what comes to mind. Every single track on this album gives me goosebumps. The dark, dreamy theme behind the "Infected style" is further propogated with the expert use of classical scales and melodies, which are mated perfectly with totally intense trance beats. This album is considered to be their springboard into mainstream techno, which many people frown upon. This is a classic story of the scenesters who tries to remain 'old skool' by hating anything that is new. *sigh*

B.P. Empire (2001)

  1. 07'48" Never Never Land 145 bpm
  2. 07'17" Unbalanced (Baby Killer Rmx) 140 bpm
  3. 07'40" Spaniard 142 bpm
  4. 07'38" BP Empire 143 bpm
  5. 06'57" Funchameleon 145 bpm
  6. 06'58" Tasty Mushroom 147 bpm
  7. 07'41" Noise Maker 145 bpm
  8. 07'23" PGM 140 bpm
  9. 10'23" Dancing With Kadafi 120 bpm

HOLY SHIT! (again) Another pleasant surpise from IM. A very dreamy, atmospheric feeling is dominant throughout the album. Production is of the highest quality. The key element I noticed with this album was that they went with very basic melodic ideas and built on them instead of overloading the listener with a hundred trippy sounds. Very beautiful results indeed. My favorite tracks include Unbalanced, Never Never Land and the obviously-Posford-inspired-Dancing with Kadafi.

Singles on compilations Compilation title in italics. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Roll Us A Giant
BP Empire EP
BP Empire (Deep Mix) BP Empire EP

Classical Mushroom Israelians 2: Bizarro
Anyone Else But Me Unidentified Forms Of Sound 2 : Psychological Disorder
Merlin (Global Cut Mix) Clubber
Ministry of Angels Clubber
Red Filter Full On 5
Wider Future Navigators
Muddy Effect Psychoanaesis
Symphonatic Tsunami
Look At Me Voojoo Rituals

Where is S? Destination Goa 7
The Fly Psychotropic
Psycho (Live Mix) Full On 4
Acid Killer ISRAliens
One Absolute Full On 3
Crazy D ISRAliens
Intelligate Shiva Space Technology The Digital Dance Of Shiva
Small Moves Shiva Space Technology The Digital Dance Of Shiva
Dream Theatre Space Mantra
Overload (Deedrah Rmx) Trance De Eivissa
Devil (Final Mix) Unidentified Forms Of Sound 1
Elm Unidentified Forms Of Sound

Unreleased tracks (heh heh)
Eva Dawn
Gamma Goblins (Infected rmx)
Power of Celtics (Infected rmx)
S is Here
Wider (live mix)
You Don't Exist

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