Astral Projection, in their heyday, were the foremost artists in the field of psychedelic trance or psytrance as it is more frequently referred to today. Sometimes their music is called Goa trance but really there isn't much to differentiate.

The group started out in Israel at the end of 1993. Founding members were Avi Nissim, Yaniv Haviv, Guy Sebbag and Lior Perlmutter. Guy left in 1995 and pursued a solo career. Yaniv left in 1996 for places unknown.

The Astral Files and Dancing Galaxy were written and produced back-to-back with each other. The interesting thing about this is the obvious advance in sound design and production technique that occurred between the two albums, as Dancing Galaxy was completed literally only months after The Astral Files. Dancing Galaxy remains one of the best Goa/Psytrance albums of all time, whereas Astral Files is relegated to the bargain bin and hunted only by the few.

Their music is often comprised of pounding, hypnotic kicks, with basslines that lance out like c-beams glittering in the dark. Simple arpeggio dance across the frontbrain, dissapearing before they can be interrogated.


Trust In Trance 1 1994
Trust In Trance 2 1995
Trust In Trance 3 1996
The Astral Files 1996
Dancing Galaxy 1997
Another World 1999
In The Mix 2000

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