Any agent, such as a drug, that alters perception. Some hallucinogenic drugs are classified as psychedelic drugs, but not all. For example, PCP is generally considered a hallucinogen but is not considered psychedelic.

Hallucinogen: Indisputably one of the world's foremost psychedelic trance outfits. The brainchild of acid guru Simon Posford, Hallucinogen sprang to the consciousness of the world of Goa-music with his first album, Twisted (1995 - Dragonfonfly Records), a beautifully crafted, screamingly banging construction, the album's original title, LSD, pretty much sets the tone.

This was followed up, two year later by the, almost inconcievably, superior The Lone Deranger (1997 - Twisted Records). This is , alongside Infected Mushroom's Classical Mushroom generally accepted as one of the two finest psy-trance albums yet produced. Quite simply essential to anyone that appreciates psychedelic dance music.

Posford has a number of collaborations under his belt, the following being some of particular interest:

  • Celtic Cross - Simon Posford, Martin Glover (Youth), Chester (Baba G), Saul Davies (Band James) 1998
  • Shpongle - Simon Posford, Raja Ram 1998
  • Fly Agaric - Hallucinogen, Infected Mushroom 2001
  • DSP - Simon Posford, Dimitri (TIP World) 2001

If you've somehow read this far unconvinced of the merits of psychedelic dance music, I would still recommend the spectacularly eclectic, often very chilled music of Shpongle. I'll wager even your Gran would like it.

A chemical substance which causes hallucinations and other thought disturbances by acting on the central nervous system.

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