I don't know why this happens. I've never used any kinds of hallucinogens. But for some reason, sometimes when I ride the bus to my high school, I enter some kind of hallucinogenic waking dream state. I lay against the wall of the bus, turn on my discman, close my eyes, and weird things happen.

  • A few weeks ago, I was listening to Vas Deferenz by Aphex Twin on the bus. It was a bright day outside and I decided to close my eyes. Immediately upon doing so, what seemed like a dream appeared before me. I was standing on some kind of icy tundra, and with a loud crash a forty-foot chicken egg plummeted from the sky and impacted the snow-covered ground, unharmed. A small trapdoor opened near the bottom of the egg and a single file stream of fetuses walked out. I watched them go past, their numbers seemingly infinite. I looked toward the front of the line and saw the head fetus drop out of my field of vision, followed by each after it. I ran to where they disappeared and looked down where the ground suddenly came to an end. The fetuses had walked onto a conveyor belt and were being drawn toward some kind of apparatus. I watched as the first fetus reached the apparatus and was quickly torn apart by two mechanical arms, reduced to stringy sinew. The apparatus then proceeded to weave the remains of the fetus into a small basket. It did the same for the next fetus on the belt. At this point I became a bit disturbed and opened my eyes.
  • Just today I was riding the bus, listening to Underneath it All by nine inch nails. Once again I closed my eyes, and once again I immediately entered a dream. This time I was facing three boxes set at eye level, open toward me. In each box there was the head of a woman decorated in victorian-style face makeup and sporting an enormous amount of light brown hair. For some reason it came into my mind that I could reach into the hair of only one of these heads and draw out the contents. I chose the woman's head in the box to the right, because it had the largest amount of hair. I spread the hair apart and two more women's heads, same makeup, sat side by side inside the first's hair. I decided that that was the time I should open my eyes and proceed to school. Freaky.

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