Shpongle is the beautiful everything of the universe. It's made up of Simon Posford (see: Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram. Describing it as "electronic" or "ambient" would be a disgrace. It is truly music that is experienced. Everything from synthesizers and samplers to acoustic guitar, cello, Turkish operatic vocals, Moroccan drums, and flute - from American Indian, breakbeat, Latin, jazz-fusion, and Indian rhythms (to name only a few) - Shpongle takes their listeners on an amazing aural journey. Posford handles the technology while Raja Ram provides the flute lines and art. What may sound like a strange combination is so intimately natural that the listener may wonder what is acoustic and what is not. Both albums, Are You Shpongled? (1998) and Tales of the Inexpressible (2001), are filled with layers of complexity, texture, and vibrancy. Both are published under the Twisted label, available on CD and vinyl.

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