The Chaos Computer Club in Germany. An organisation that accepts sense 1 and 2 of the "hacker ethic" entry in the Jargon File. Could be described to Americans as something like a mix between the EFF and Phrack. Not as evil as it is usually depicted in the US media, rather a bunch of technoanarchists having a very good time and giving big companies some headaches.

Also a 64-bit C compiler for *nix developed by Compaq.

One of the things CCC stands for is Cosmic Comic Cafe. It's a cafe which offers a wide selection of comics for reading when you are sipping your coffee and it's located at Turku, Finland. Reading whatever you wish from their selection doesn't cost you any more than a cup of whatever you wanted to drink anyway and the staff is nice and well familiar with their library. The place also has nicest toilets I have ever seen: The walls are painted with sheep and clouds and there's always soft music to distract the visitor from their bodily functions.

Yet another thing CCC stands for is Cowichan Community Centre. It is a large building in Duncan, BC which houses the Cowichan branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library, A swimming pool, ice rink, gymnasium, the Cowichan Theatre, restaurant, art gallery, and many class rooms. Outside are a baseball field, the grounds of the Cowichan Exhibition, and The World's Largest Hockey Stick.

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