Common abbreviation for N,N-Dimethyltrypatime. This chemical has a highly interesting coincidence of properties:
  1. Widely considered to be the most powerful psychedelic compound known (Salvia Divinorum being the other contender).
  2. One of the shortest-acting entheogens known (approx. 5-10 minutes).
  3. The most "natural" psychedelic there is (it is already in your brain as a neurotransmitter and ubiquitous in the plant and animal kingdoms).
DMT comes in various forms: laboratory synthetic, plant extraction, toad venom (all smokeable) and the orally-ingested ayahuasca (yage, yaje) common in South America. Terence McKenna was one of the biggest proponents of the sacramental use of DMT for its ability to transport one into another dimension. Essentially, a full-dose DMT trip is an instant out of body experience (OOBE). Interestingly, there is a strong correspondence between different peoples' experiences on DMT--to a startlingly specific degree--leading many to believe in the concrete reality of DMT space.

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The Digital Monetary Trust, Ltd (DMT) is the company behind ALTA and LESE. It is driven by ideological commitment to privacy and to individual freedom. Little is known about these folks due to security reasons and understaffing of their customer support and PR department.

All the assets of the trust are claimed to be invested in cash, commodities (such as gold), and high-quality (low credit-risk) securities denominated in various national currencies.


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