As musicians, we attempt to make a living by "making air vibrate in an interesting way". Sounds pretty nebulous when you view it like that.

Ott is the mysterious and relatively reclusive British backwoods psychedelic-dub genius, author of two full length albums released on penultimate U.K. psychedelic trance label Twisted Records. Where Shpongle put a brilliant spin on World music, Ott has applied his formidable abilities to dub, creating something entirely new, unique, and nearly indescribable. You'll find this node meshed with quotes1 and promo info which does a fairly good job outlining what he's all about.

He lives in a limestone cave in Hicksville, where he built a generator out of an old lawnmower engine, and cobbled together a studio out of bits of old televisions. He works on an old 32k BBC microcomputer built into his chair, suspended from the roof. He has midi shoes, with which he 'tapdances' his drum parts.... But he has excellent mixing ears, which he enhances with a kind of Far-extension-hat.... so he was a natural choice to mix beautiful people...... I didn't have time to do it, as I was doing 'Mi-Loony-um', and he stepped in to do 'Beautiful People' so I would have them both for Christmas! I paid him with pornography.
- Simon Posford, undated quote from years back

Here are tracklists2 and promotional information3 (cut down to the stuff that is slightly less hype and more substance) for his two released albums...

Hallucinogen - In Dub (Twisted Records 2002)
1 Mi-loony-Um (A Floating Butterfly Stings Like a Bee Mix)
2 Solstice (Warwick Bassmonkey Mix)
3 Gamma Goblins (It's Turtles All the Way Down Mix)
4 Spiritual Antiseptic (Minty Fresh Confidence Mix)
5 L.S.D. (World Sheet of Closed String Mix)
6 Angelic Particles (Buckminster Fullerine Mix)

Promotional data (abridged):
Unbeknownest to the London massive, deep within the English countryside lie a number of brilliant music producers. One such unfashionable but extremely talented artist is Ott, best friend of Simon Posford (aka HALLUCINOGEN) and previous editor of the Shpongle albums. Ott is a our very own country computer wizard working only at unsensible hours of the day, constantly connected to the internet, downloading every known gadget and plug in possible and communicating online with the outer world. So legendary are his skills and his massive dubs that Simon has commissioned him to do a remix album of classic Hallucinogen tracks such as Gamma Goblins, Solstice, Angelic Particles, & LSD amongst others.

Ott and Simon first met at Butterfly Studios where Ott was working as freelance engineer for Youth. Since then he has gone on to work in nearly every famous studio one could name, from SARM East and West, Real World, and Ridge Farm to name a few. He is currently managed by Strongroom Management UK and has continued to work with a number of famous artists and producers in music business, including Sinead O'Connor, The Orb, and Brian Eno for which he was interviewed in Sound on Sound Magazine. So as you can see Ott is the master of ceremonies when it comes to studio equipment and production. He has had several releases over the years as trance act - ECO - on labels such as TIP, Dragonfly, and Matsuri, but has essentially stayed a freelance whore until now. With a spate of new material he is set to become a modern dub pioneer reshaping the already classic soundscapes of Hallucinogen's music with his studio trickery and plug-wizardry. The timelessness of some of the tracks listed below for remix is in many cases beyond description and as such the only person deserving of remix duties is this man, Ott.

The album In Dub was very well-recieved worldwide, by fans and detractors of the seminal psychedelic trance act Hallucinogen. Ott showed his studio prowess to full effect on the lazy grooves and deep soundscapes of the album, but it was only a teaser of what was to come - his very own original studio-length album, Blumenkraft.

Its neither a "dub" album or a "trance" album.

It's a "music" album.

Genres are for librarians.

Ott - Blumenkraft (Twisted Records 2003)
1 Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack (12:52)
2 Somersettler (7:31)
3 Splitting an Atom (7:21)
4 Escape From Tulse Hell (7:12)
5 Cley Hill (7:32)
6 Billy the Kid Strikes Back (7:13)
7 A Load Up at Nunney Catch (7:18)
8 Spannered in Pilton (7:07)
9 Smoked Glass and Chrome (8:34)

Promotional data (abridged):
The most fantastic modern dub from West Country reclusive genius Ott, who’s new album really is ‘over the top’ in quality, depth and shinning brilliance. Spacey strings, chants, otherworldly noises and pertinent samples collide with his massive rub-a-dub beats and bass. Ott’s music is a world to it’s own, a pure undiluted atmospheric world of swirling stoned sound and colour. Indian to Arabic to African Ott’s dub’s are boundary-less and boundless in their, scope and strength. Ott’s music is a paradox of dub, not stereotypically slow heavy sounds but at once an upbeat dancey dub full of light, world chants and funky beats, while still maintaining a slow and relaxed ambient groove. Following on from his recent ‘Hallucinogen In Dub’ album (TWSCD16) for Twisted the solo album is a selection of clean hard grooves and the best dub studio skills, echo, delay, phasing, instruments popping up out of the murk and then submerging again, skills of which Ott is a particular maestro.

Blumenkraft won Ott significant recognition in the psychedelic underground. Though he has yet to spread influential musical tendrils as far as the highly-regarded Shpongle, he has successfully created his own style of chilled sounds that aren't merely derivative of his label-mates. Here's an album that I find to be excellent listening at any hour, in more contexts than most of the esoteric electronic music I usually listen to. The light-hearted sounds here have a cross-generation appeal, and there's nothing quite like a summer drive with this blasting out of the stereo at high volume. Relaxing without putting you to sleep, it's smile-inducing flower power is a warm change of pace for my stereo.

dam10n: Cley Hill is probably one of my favourites – it just glides along effortlessly... anything in particular interesting to report about what happened while you recorded this? What sort of mindset do you need to get into to be able to write? Do you see your role as an artist or more a producer?

Ott: When I first moved to London in the early 90’s, I shared a squat in Holloway Road with a couple of DJ’s, and was subjected to many hours of nasty "rave" music which I couldn’t bear at the time. Mercifully, Sundays were chill-out days, and I would get treated to The Orb and the On-U-Sound stuff like Dub Syndicate and Gary Clail and all those lovely Adrian Sherwood tunes. "Cley Hill" is a nod to all that.

Cley Hill is also a distinctive looking hill just outside Warminster that can be seen for miles around, and which is reputed to be a UFO hot-spot. You only have to see it to realise why. Very "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Many times I have found myself obsessively sculpting its shape out of mashed potato during family dinners.

I tend to shut myself away whilst I’m writing. I can go for weeks without seeing another person and days and nights tend to merge into one long day/night. It can get a bit weird – but "good weird".

E2 guide to music you've (probably) never heard of


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