In World War I, going over the top was when soldiers crawled out of the trench and ran through no man's land while being cut down by machine guns hoping to get enough people to the enemy trench to take it, thereby gaining territory.
Now, "over the top" is an idiom that indicates excessiveness. Personally, I think that what distinguishes something that's over the top from something that's merely excessive is that being over the top is to be gleefully excessive. It's a silly excessiveness that, when applied to violence, has elements of black humor. Violent scenes in The Matrix tended to be over the top, but not the ones in Braveheart.
One of the simplest juggling tricks you can do. Instead of throwing the ball inside the one coming down, you throw outside and over the whole pattern. Doing this every three throws creates the pattern known as Tennis, while every other throw over the top makes the Half Shower.

If you throw every throw over the top, it becomes the reverse cascade; the total opposite of the normal cascade.

Four ball jugglers: to do an over the top throw in the four ball (asynchronous) fountain, simply throw one beat of a five three; throw a looping throw (a 'five') over the top from one hand, followed by a short quick throw (a 'three') from the other hand back to the first hand. If you get this right, you should end up back in the asychronous fountain. (If you get it wrong, you'll end up in the synch fountain... but no big deal, just pretend you did it on purpose!)

This is the easiest way to learn four ball tennis, as well as the full five three pattern, IMHO.

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