The extremely attractive, popular or successful people found in all social contexts. Note that a Beautiful Person is not attractive or successful by virtue of hard work or merit-- he is an aristocrat, elevated above the common man by sheer good fortune and suitable only for the guillotine. Not to be confused with Shiny happy people.

I hold onto the beautiful people.

I would like to mean that I collect real people, keeping the good and real voices around me for safety but really I just clip them from magazines and catalogues and carefully put them into my manila envelope.

Here is an unsmiling lady and she is barefoot. She looks like Serenity. And here is the same woman but she is swinging a Child over her head, she looks like Bliss or Eternity. And here, these boots tell me I can walk this earth from top to bottom and back again and it will be Adventure.

I am who these pages are made for. I am the person who is saying This looks easy and I am the person saying Let me buy this shirt or dress or chair or vacation or book or bag Because I Can and because maybe that will do it and I will be that beautiful for a bit. Only I do not buy, I take out my scissors and silently snip these things carefully to love.

I save lots and lots of pictures and I like to look at these beautiful people even knowing they are being paid. I would like to think maybe for that instant they are actually Playful or Content or Rugged or In Love. It could be that simple.

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