The late 80s were filled with senseless workout tapes designed to lighten your wallet along with your body. This was one of them.

Produced in 1987, it stars Greg Smithey, who is patently dated (and predictably flaming) in his turquoise workout suit with matching headband. The music is horrendous and the stereotyped "workout people" along with Greg are hilarious (among them, the pregnant woman in Spandex and the token black woman). The workout, however, is gauged by many as being somewhat challenging.

In any case, Greg Smithey says some absolutely priceless things throughout the video:

Buns of Steel generated quite a metallic-body-parts craze in the late 80s and early 90s, sparking such titles as Abs of Steel, Buns and Thighs of Steel, and the long-awaited Buns of Steel 2000.

Whether you're looking for a good workout or a good laugh, you might consider picking up Buns of Steel. It's cheaper than a 12-pack, and arguably more fun.

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