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Morning all.

As you'll no doubt have gathered from the scrawl above this, I'm pretty damned new to this whole ballpark. I've got to admit to never really having seen the point of surfing the net as a recreational activity in itself. I've long appreciated the value of this multifarious, supposedly democratic store of knowledge as a research tool, an easy way of shopping, blah blah blah, but I gotta say, this whole E2 malarky has convinced me of the value of, well, surfing.

I guess, naturally, I'm something of a technophobe, but it seems that fate has thrown me something of a curve ball, and left me in a job doing HTML stuff (only pretty basic, mind). Thus the time to surf.
So, me...
I do this to help pay for food, whilst I pursue my twin passions, theatre & music. I love the theatre with a big chunk of my soul, which probably goes some way to explaining why I think most of it's crap. As for music? Just don't mention fucking Pop Idol (apologies to those non-UK residents that this cultural reference may be lost upon - basically, manufactured corporate music makes my blood boil. And not in a good way.).

Politically, I'm a bit of a leftie. It upsets me no small amount hearing the President of the US announce re. Kyoto that he will not consider any policy that would damage US economic interests. Call me an idealist, but shouldn't we be taking at least a passing interest in mankind's wellbeing tomorrow as well as that of today?