Being as that I'just seen the Wildhearts playing at Bradford Rio's, I thought I should place a brief addition to this fine node. The Wildhearts reformed, following the Nth rehabilitation of Danny McCormack from his perennial nemesis, heroin. The Wildhearts are now back, recording new material, and a very much welcome sight on the sometimes disconcertingly homogenous hard rock/metal scene.

Numerous side projects have been undertaken by the disparate members of the Wildhearts in the inter-Wildhearts years, notably Silver Ginger Five with, funnily enough, Ginger, The Yoyos with Danny, Grand Theft Audio and no doubt a number of others that I'm sure to hear of from purists soon enough...

The current line up of The Wildhearts consists of, to the general relief of fans, Danny (looking a little less ill than he has for a while) on bass, Ginger holding sway on guitar and lead vocals, Stidi on the drums and CJ on guitar.

The latest addition to The Wildhearts extensive discography should also now be duly noted. Vanilla Radio, a storming, riff-laden beast, hits the shelves in the UK today, Monday 30th September.