Album by now-reforming British rock band The Wildhearts. Released in 1997 on Mushroom Records.

This is actually the only Wildhearts album I have heard, and I'm told it's not their best, or for that matter much like their other work. But I love it. It's a great rock CD, with a good upbeat feel to it, but there is a shitload of distortion and general industrial noise, especially in the vocals, which I think is probably what puts some people off. Still, it's definitely worth having as it was their last proper studio album before their 1999 split.


  1. Junkenstein
  2. Nurse Maximum
  3. Anthem
  4. Urge
  5. Pissjoy
  6. Soundog Babylon
  7. Now is the Colour
  8. Heroin
  9. Why You Lie
  10. Thunderfuck
This is also the name of a song by Nirvana (not the hippie band). Endless because the song doesn't seem to end (it's actually about 7 minutes long). Nameless because-- okay, it has a name, but if you ignore this trivial detail, then, it doesn't. Not really. Not if you think hard about it.

It is a hidden track on the album Nevermind. When Something In The Way ends, we seem to be left with nothing but empty space. If we waited patiently (or pressed the fast-forward button) then we'd realise that this silence, this empty space is just something leading up to something great. Something that ony hardcore fans of the band will find, after sitting thru about 20 minutes of silence.

What's kind of ironic about this song is that, there is also a hidden track on the In Utero album. The irony is that the hidden track on the happier album seems to be the more, fuck this shit, I've had just about enough of living, kind of song, and the hidden track on the more 'depressing' album seems to be more of a happy and fun kind of song. It's funny.

Endless, nameless seems to be just some screaming and wailing but this isn't really the case. It has an actual lyric. But who cares, it still sounds great. It goes like this:

Silence Here I am Here I am Silent

Bright and clear It's what I am I have Died

Mother (x4)

Death With violence Excitement Right here

Died Go to hell Here I am Right here Ow!

No mas1 (x4)

Death Is what I am Go to hell Go to jail In back of that Crime Here I am Take a chance Dead!


1 Update Approximately 50,000 people (YOU know who you are) have informed me that no mas is actually Spanish for 'no more', which seems to make sense, it fits the song good. The thing is tho, I can't think of any other Nirvana song where there's a bit of Spanish in it. It's kinda hard to make out most of what Kurt screams, but I'm pretty sure this is the only example of Spanish in any Nirvana song.'nother update The phrase no mas appears right at the end of Naked Lunch by William Burroughs. Kurt Cobain and William Burroughs were very good friends and collaborated on a thing called 'The 'Priest' they called him', which is WSB's drunken drawling of a poem over Kurt's screechy guitar. O, and this is not the only example of Spanish in a Nirvana song, there's also Memoria in Come As You Are, only I'm not sure that's Spanish.Also, Ferenczy has pointed out to me a good alternative-- 'no mass', as in, the annihilation of the corporeal body at death.


When Nevermind was released in October 1991, a track ("Endless, Nameless") was supposed to be included, but because of the dead space between "Something in the Way" and "Endless, Nameless" on the master tape, this song was accidentally not included. The 1992 and later pressings on tape and CD included "Endless, Nameless."
(From the Subpop website

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