PCP acutely induces a psychotic state in which one becomes withdrawn, autistic-like, negativistic, and unable to maintain a cognitive set, and manifests concrete, impoverished, idiosyncratic, and bizzare responses to proverbs and projective testing. Some people show catatonic posturing. These schizophrenic-like alterations in brain functioning goes beyond the symptom level; any person under the influence of even a small amount of PCP will have profound alterations of higher emotional functions affecting judgement and cognition.

Intravenous PCP

Next, they are driving. Terry is driving. Terry thinks Terry is driving. Ha! Up the slippery slope. Haha! The car seems really loud, but so do the trees. They bounce, wheels spinning. Thundering, they jump rut to rut up the incline, then in a last gasp, like a stepped on bar of soap, are birthed onto the blacktop.

The stars vibrate in the cool night sky. The screwy dash-dash-dash of the white line screams by at a crawl. A cacophony of metal and absurdity. The cries of metal and blacktop. After a minute or an hour, "Stop the fucking car." It's Rico, Terry realizes. Looking around, he sees everybody in the car, sporting cosmic fucking grins of hollow stupor. And they're all vibrating, no, buzzing. Terry grinds the car to the shoulder of the road, in a slow-motion netherworld, and the rest of them bail from the car. They are soon out behind the car, wrestling with a large smoking lizard in the middle of the road. Whoa!

They are back on the road, and the car is insanely fucking loud now, but Terry is trying to figure out how to control the sociopathic metal ghost, buzzing through the night. “I must be doing ninety, only I can't read the speeedo-meter.” Thinks Terry. Rico says "Jesus - speed up man, you're doing fifteen fucking miles an hour. We’re gonna get fucking busted.” Terry doesn’t know if he should believe the lying conniving bastard, his buzzing best friend or not.

Terry wonders aloud about the lizard back in the road, wonders how fast he’s going. What was that fucking lizard? What was the reptile smoking, for god’s sake? "Muffler" says Rico. “Oh”

Also shorthand for Planet Core Productions, German Techno collective and record label from early 1990's. Mostly known for their dark hardcore style of Techno, with artists such as Mescalinum United (whose "We have arrived" is one of the most known tracks of the label and was later remixed by Aphex Twin), T-Bone Castro, Delirium Posse, Alien Christ and Project AE among others. This label has also been described as blueprints for gabber.

PCP also released quite famous "Frankfurt Trax" Collections - there is at least 6 of them released, filled each one by dark Hardcore Techno by various artists, but only two released on PCP, according to available information.

Label was ran by Marc Acardipane - and he also released on it at least as The Mover and Mescalinum United, Alien Christ, possibly as others also.

I managed to find a discography for the label but it might not be complete, please message me if you have more information.


PCP 001     Mescalinum United - Into Mekong Center
PCP 002     Freebase Factory  - Born To Go
PCP 003     R.P.O. (Raw Power Organisation) - 1991 (And I Just Begun)
PCP 004     FBI (Free Base International) - The Futureworld EP
PCP 005     The Mover - Frontal Sickness Part 1  Limited Edition
PCP 005!!!  Trip Commando - Trip Commando
PCP 006     Mescalinum United - Reflections Of 2017
PCP 006!!!  unknown
PCP 007     Alien Christ - The Art Of Shredding
PCP 008     The Mover - Frontal Sickness Part 2  Limited Edition
PCP 008!!!  Whalekommittee - Save The Wales
PCP 009     The Possessed - Black Blood   
PCP 009!!!  Alien Christ (Of Suns & Moons)
PCP 010     Program 1 - Louder Than A Bomb
PCP 010!!!  T-Bone Castro - Radical Padrone Remixes
PCP 011     The Mover - Final Sickness
PCP 011!!!  Al Rakhun & Bunker Youth - To The Audience
PCP 012     Ace The Space / T-Bone Castro -  Ace In The Hole
PCP 013     R.P.O. (Raw Power Organisation) -  1991 (And I Just Begun) (re-release?)
PCP 014     Ramin Vol.1 - The Essence Of Ecstacy EP  (Also DE 2005)
PCP 015     FBI (Free Base International) - The Futureworld EP (re-release?)
PCP 069     Lightbringer - Phuture Project (Escape From 2017)
PCP 931     Alien Christ III (Of Suns & Moons Phase 5)  
PCP 932     The Mover - Final Sickness
PCP 933     Mescalinum United  Vs Evil (A New Level)
PCP 934     The Mover / Alien Christ - Waves Of Life / The Eagle Has Landed
PCP 935     Phuture  Compilation  2x12" Vinyl
PCP 936     Mescalinum United - Symphonies Of Steel Part 1
PCP 961     The Mover - Over Land & Sea
PCP 962     Mescalinum United  - Symphonies Of Steel -The Second Level-
PCP 971     Mescalinum United  - Symphonies Of Steel Part 3
PCP 005/008 The Mover  - Special Limited Re-Release
PCP LP 1    Frankfurt Trax Vol.1  The House Of Techno       
PCP LP 2    Frankfurt Trax Vol.2  The House Of Techno  2x12" Vinyl
PCP CD 004  Frankfurt Trax Vol.1  The House Of Techno  CD
PCP CD 008  Whalekomittee - Save The Wales  MCD
PCP CD 012  T-Bone Castro / Ace The Space - Ace In The Hole  MCD
PCP CD 013  R.P.O.(Raw Power Organisation) - 1991 (And I Just Begun)  MCD
PCP CD 194  Phuture  Compilation  CD

discography modified from http://www24.brinkster.com/planetcore/pcp.html

I think there's some retro-pcp-trend since suddenly i found some information about them and when originally writing this wu i couldn't find anything!

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