Codeine is an alkaloid obtained from opium or prepared from morphine by methylation and occurs as white crystals. Codeine effloresces slowly in dry air and is effected by light.

The chemical name of codeine phosphate is 7,8-Didehydro-4,5alpha-epoxy-3-methoxy-17-methylmorphinan-6alpha-ol phosphate (1:1)(salt) hemihydrate and has the empirical formula of C18H21NO3·H3PO4·1/2H20. Its molecular weight is 406.4.

Codeine phosphate is a centrally active analgesic. When administered parenterally, 120 mg of codeine phosphate produces an analgesic response equivalent to that from 10 mg of morphine. Other actions include respiratory depression; depression of the cough center; release of antidiuretic hormone; activation of the vomiting center; pupillary constriction; a decrease in gastric, pancreatic, and biliary secretion; a reduction in intestinal motility; an increase in biliary tract pressure; and an increased amplitude of ureteral contractions.
Codeine is a fond memory of mine.

Back in my high school days, my fellow computer geeks would play hours upon hours of Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Starcraft, Worms, and of course, Command & Conquer at my infamous week long LAN-a-THON. These games provided months of single player entertainment that never got old, not to mention the years of multiplayer LAN fun that could be gained from the games.

During the early hours of some morning, during some week, during some LAN-a-THON, we decided that it would make the game even more enjoyable if we all took 10 codiene tablets (shared between us! we aren't dain bramaged!) before we started a Starcraft game.

Having a dentist for a father, my friend Jared was able to procure some very easily for us. We all took our share, and downed them one after another. Within the hour, the Starcraft game hung there motionless, all players passed out in their chairs, on their keyboards, or on the floor.

The game waited there for some sort of human interaction, but no one came. Finally, we all awoke 2 hours later, more hyper than horny rabbits on Viagra. We played Starcraft and Command + Conquer for the next day and a half, sans sleep.

We crashed two days later, and that pretty much ended the LAN.

i would say i distinctly remember my first codeine experience, but, it being codeine, i barely remember know how it is.

it was a saturday night in october, and i was working at a haunted house. the previous saturday, i had gotten my eyeball knocked out by one of our patrons; i was good at my job and scared her so badly that she flailed and stuck her finger in my eye... anyway, i had been moved to what was considered a less dangerous position in the house while i recovered. so this particular saturday, from my less dangerous spot, i got punched in the eye by a drunk guy. now i was in a whole lot of pain, and was effectively blind in *both* eyes.

it was at this point i remembered that i had a bottle of codeine-enhanced cough syrup that i'd gotten from a friend earlier in the day. "well," i thought, "bottoms up!" i drank the whole bottle. fifteen minutes passed, and suddenly i no longer cared that i was in excruciating pain. hours flew by while i languished in my daze...then it was time to go home. i had to be half-carried to a friend's car by two of my compatriots, one of whom was kind enough to insist upon staying with me until i was sane again.

but the point of this story is that i like codeine.

I do not endorse mixing medication and alcohol, but have on several occasions successfully taken codeine during booze-ups. It made me serene and happy and I stopped worrying about my ex-girlfriend, which can only be considered a Good Thing.

However, one of the side effects of codeine use is constipation (I'm told this is true for morphine as well), something which is only made worse by an excrutiating hangover. So the day after was spent largely in the john while pondering the not so glamourous side of recreational drugs...

Also a slowcore band from the 90's. Codeine made music that went along as if you were on Codeine, music slowed down to a pounding druggy haze. Good for depression or when you just don't feel very up.

Codeine formed in 1989 by bassist/singer Stephen Immerwahr, guitarist John Engle, and drummer Chris Brokaw. Signed by European label Glitterhouse and then Sub Pop in America, Codeine released their first record "Frigid Stars Lp" in 1990 in Europe and 1991 in America.

In 1992 they lost drummer Brokaw, who left to spend all his time in another band he was playing drums in. Douglas Scharin replaced Brokaw and in 1994 their second lp "The White Birch" was released. Soon after it was released the band broke up to allow the members to work on other projects.

Both of their cds are really good, they alos released a long playing Ep while Brokaw was still in the band. Since they were one of the first slowcore bands they were original when they first started and were superseded by later bands. However I tend to like them alot more than alot of the bands that came after them. I highly suggest picking up everything they've done if you like moody dark and slow music.


1990 "Frigid Stars"
1992 "Barely Real (ep)"
1994 "The White Birch

Suggested for fans of: Low, American Analog Set, Skating Club, Slowdive, ect.

Co*de"ine (?), n. [Gr. poppy head: cf. F. codine.] Chem.

One of the opium alkaloids; a white crystalline substance, C18H21NO3, similar to and regarded as a derivative of morphine, but much feebler in its action; -- called also codeia.


© Webster 1913.

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