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Sometimes I wonder what I'm still doing here

This place and these people

These days and nights that go by

Without hardly a thought

Another sun slides across the sky

Sometimes I just don't know why I tolerate this

Sinking deeper into the tar

Somehow brings out both the best in me

and the worst....

Another day slips away

We live, much as we dream, forever alone.

The sky never seemed so far

The price of holding on to foolish memories

Help me find that place
where I can sit with words coming out of my fingers
With hopes flowing from my pen
With dreams pouring from my heart
The world can always use a poet but needs a lot more muses

Let me drown in a convalescent bliss
Beat senselessly into the past
Borne ceaselessly into the night
Too many foolish choices
Left alone and empty
Tired empty dreams of what may have been
My muse has gone away.

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