Also covered by Fountains of Wayne. It was supposed to be the third track on the Red Dragon Tattoo single. The day after mastering it had been leaked to the Howard Stern show. The day after that Atlantic Records and various international affiliates were calling Chris saying how much they loved it and that it was going to do extremely well and that they were going to basically promote it as the single (instead of Red Dragon Tattoo).

Chris had this to say about the whole thing, "We just didn't want to have a big dumb novelty song because we strongly felt that it would ruin any chance for the rest of the record to be taken seriously.". Talking about this causing them to be compared to Barenaked Ladies, "Nobody would have given them the time of day if they didn't have a big, dumb novelty hit 'One Week'. I'd rather be unsuccessful and good than successful and bad."

And that is why there is no commercially released version of this song, however you can search for the mp3 of the leaked copy. Its a truly excellent cover.