Though they dislike being called punk or, god-forbid, anarchist the Canadian band probably fits both of these descriptors. As the graphics on "Less Talk, More Rock" indicate the band is animal-friendly, gay-positive, pro-feminist and anti-fascist. Though most of their songs are politically oriented the best of the bunch are often the more poppy romance themed pieces like "Showdown," "Anchorless," or "Gifts." Often Propagandhi's music also expresses some very radical, some would say offensive, views. Examples of this include "Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass You Sonofabitch" or "Hallie Sallasse, Up Your Ass," which concludes with the repetition of the phrase 'fuck religion' for almost a minute. Of course, other songs, while politically themed are less offensive. "And You Thought Nation States Were a Bad Idea," "Anti-Manifesto" and "Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette" are all excellent examples of this.

Propagandhi has thus far published three CDs:
How to Clean Everything - 1993
Less Talk, More Rock - 1998
Where Quality is Job Number One - 1999 (?)

In the past Propagandhi has been affiliated with several record companies, most notably Fat Wreck Chords, they have recently formed something of a left-wing record company called G-7 Welcoming Committee. Also on this label are some other, less notable politically motivated groups as well as the famous anti-government lecturer Noam Chomsky.

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