...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (one of the greatest band names ever, I think) has released a new album (February? 2002). It is entitled "Source Tags and Codes", following and continuing their indie/punk sound, leaning more towards an indie nuance (doesn't sound like emo at all, despite what some reviews have said). What is amazing about Trail of Dead is their ability to keep quite in tune and have great melody while thrashing and cranking on their guitars. Their sound and lyrical content has progressed and matured since their last album, and they are able to keep the same bone-jarring intensity they've always had. A great album all around.

Track Listing:

1. It Was There That I Saw You (4:02)

2. Another Morning Stoner (4:33)

3. Baudelaire (4:16)

4. Homage (3:29)

5. How Near How Far (4:00)

6. Heart in the Hand of the Matter (4:48)

7. Monsoon (5:53)

8. Days of Being Wild (3:27)

9. Relative Ways (4:03)

10. After the Laughter (1:15)

11. Source Tags and Codes (6:08)

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