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Physics, math, computers, being cool (pop culture), some ridiculously specific genres of music (punk, ska, emo, synth pop, trip hop).
University of Rochester.
Oppression is prerequsite for priveledge, so fuck the priveledged few.
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I really like the idea of people using the internet to commit crimes against unjust governments and corporations. Thus, the name Crash Override - taken directly from the movie Hackers. I guess thats also why i like cyberpunk so much. I hope someday i have the skills to do something like that. I'm sure i wouldnt anyhow but i still can wish.

Occupation: student, revolutionairy and professional rabble rouser. (i want business cards that say that.)

likes: bright colors, loud noises, shiney things, slippey things, pretty eyes, girl smell, rain smell, propagandhi, descendents, weezer, gorilla biscuts, punk rock, hardcore, irondequoit, water guns (big ones), hair, true freedom, anarchy, veganism, synth pop, jungle, happy hardcore, raver clothes, glow sticks, glib phrases, tv, albert einstein, philip johnson, neal stephenson, martial arts movies, anime, digimon, jet packs, lasers, robots, technology, computers, the internet, good, evil, oranges, the ocean, physics, math (what a geek!!), the viridian movement, envrionmentalism, gadgets, cell phones, nuclear power, iridium, cursing, P.L.U.R(.R), open source, pgp, and ever so much more.

dislikes: power pop, drugs, alcohol, straitedge, indoctrinated preppy kids, liberal arts colleges, churches, the church in general, constitutions, brainwashing, black clothes, tv, homophobes, racists, ageism, idiots, hypocyrisy, politics maneuvering, soft money donations, school, i could whine more but who wants to hear that?

shoes: sketchers sneakers and sketchers nice shoes (alley cats i think) and soaps (scabs in moss and hopefully goa chernobyls soon).