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Hello rock star. I live in coastal southern California. Going on two years now. Yes I am ayuppie, working in the architectural business for a mercantile chain. I'm an autocad and photoshop geek. My heart beats for other geek girls.

Favorite music: slayer, infected mushroom, deftones, mr. bungle, soad, etnica, midi miliz, marduk, shpongle, faith no more, etc. you get the idea..

favorite films: memento!!!!!!!, fight club, fear and loathing in las vegas, pi, run lola run

some of the things I do for fun I:
Go to Glamis. Tear shit up off-roading in the sand dunes!
Go to Psy trance parties. Tear shit up also! These are in the desert, woods, warehouses.. Great people! Great music! Need I say more
Go to Laughlin. Drink and boat all day. Drink and gamble all night. You can figure this one out.